About Chunky Merino Wool

Merino wool is a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep.

It has many benefits:

1) It’s thinner and softer than regular wool.

2) Has anti-static properties

3) Contains lanolin oil which:

    3.1 deters mites

    3.2 protects against fungal spores

4) helps regulate body temperature - (It helps to keep the warmth when it is cold, same time material is breathable and prevents overheating)

5) has self-cleaning capacity.

Merino wool is considered as the softest and best quality wool. The fibers are super fine and so they trap more heat. It is often used for luxury apparel because of the comfort it provides.

Chunky Merino Wool  is a special wool which is not spuned as usual yarn. Often it is knitted just by hands. Can be knittet by big needles as well if needed.

Chunky Merino Wool often is used to create beautiful and elegant interior elements, like blankets, cushions, carpets. Even hats, scarves, cool sweaters and more. Also pet beds, which are the most loved product made from Happy Mood Art. These products are not just friendly, soft and warm for animals to use, but also looks cosy and beautiful in the house.


How to take care of the product made from Chunky Merino Wool?

As Chunky Merino Wool is a natural material and not collecting the dust or fur so easily as other synthetic materials, for example, you don´t have to take a very special care for frequently. But you should be a more gentle in using it generaly. As the yarn is not spunned in producing this wool, the products will not maintain their appearance if handled too roughly!

Time by time you can put the product outdoors and let it stay there for a good ventilation.

Once there is time to clean your Chunky Merino Wool product, you should use just a dry cleaning!  Chunky Merino Wool has a tendency pilling or shedding time by time.